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One Sky, Many Worlds

A travelling exhibition on indigenous astronomy

curated by Annette S. Lee


An important and innovative international exhibition on indigenous astronomy will soon be travelling the world.

One Sky, Many Worlds: Indigenous Voices in Astronomy is curated by Annette Lee, co-curated by Wilfred Buck and David Pantalony, and produced by Ingenium, Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation, together with Nomad Exhibitions.

An exhibition web page will be available shortly. The exhibition itself will be opening in May 2022 at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa, Canada, and subsequently going out on tour.

In the meantime, the beautiful exhibition booklet, downloadable as a PDF below, gives a taste of the stunning way in which “One Sky, Many Worlds” will bring together science, art and culture.

View/Download the booklet

Related news

A series of International Symposia on Indigenous Star Knowledge is being organised by Ingenium in collaboration with the Institute of Indigenous Research and Studies at the University of Ottawa. These symposia will be physical and on-line gatherings of Knowledge Keepers, Educators and Indigenous Scholars to share and exchange towards reclaiming, preserving, and revitalizing Star Knowledge with Indigenous communities worldwide.

The first Indigenous Star Knowledge Symposium will talke place on September 22, 2020, with further events following around the time of subsequent solstices and equinoxes. For up-to-date information see the symposium website.


Top image: Yahdii in the Native Tradition: A Gwich'in (Dene) Star Chart, illustrated by Mareca Guthrie in consultation with Chris Cannon and Paul Herbert, Alaska Native Language Canter. For more information and to purchase a poster-sized version see here.

Main image: Ojibwe constellations (detail) from Ojibwe Giizhig Anung Masinaaigan—Ojibwe Sky Star Map, as seen in Stellarium. By A. Lee, W. Wilson, C. Gawboy, in collaboration with Georg Zotti